Civil Area

Contentious cases

The taking of steps in a judicial action entails a preventive, careful evaluation of the decision-making moment regarding the advisability of filing the suit. The start of any procedure must be preceded by a pondered and qualified analysis of costs, time span and choice of the most suitable instrument to pursue the aim, and the margin of advisability compared to alternative choices. An equally qualified extrajudicial action, provided it is carried out with the necessary competence and professionalism, may, on the other hand, in many cases, lead to optimal financial results.
In cases where legal action is deemed necessary, the Firm offers specialised assistance in the management of all the phases of civil, administrative and fiscal cases.


The Firm provides legal and commercial assistance in the field of specialised contracting management referring both to typical and atypical contracts. Through detailed analysis the Firm constantly interacts with the Client to obtain the best drafting of contracts or revision of adverse party proposals. As a sign of high quality professional standard, the Firm offers personal assistance during the entire contract life from the negotiation phase up to the expiration date, all supported by excellent return time.


Credit recovery and executive procedure

Debt collection represents a significant factor in the management of small and medium-sized businesses, with regard to the relationship, often negative, between the costs involved in the judicial action of recoupment, and effective realisation. This entails a preventive evaluation of the real possibilities of the collection of the debt through development of all the possible sources of realisation making use of highly professional tools of enquiry, and the analysis of the expediency of an extrajudicial and compromise path rather than judicial action.
In these procedures the Firm considers promptness of action fundamental in the service provided to the Client, both in the phases of preventive evaluation and in judicial action.

Real estate law

The Firm offers assistance to the Client with reference to the buying and selling of real estate, including credit operations through the intervention of national and international finance companies, following up the case also from a tax and fiscal aspect.


Recourse to arbitration is an instrument used to reach an alternative solution to controversy, regulated, in its ritual form, by the civil procedure code, thus avoiding a judicial course and so enabling the controversy to be resolved in an extremely short time and with discretion. The Firm, thanks to constant updating on the subject, is able to offer competent and well qualified assistance.