Banking and Financial Area

Banking law

In an increasingly wide and complex economic context, current banking and financial circles, in unison with those consultation circles concerning credit activity, expect thorough know-how in order to operate through the many organized channels.
The Firm assists its clients by providing highly qualified support through its team of professionals specialized in banking and finance law.
The mission is to work alongside the entrepreneur in the ordinary running of his business, directing him towards correct and efficient management of the liquid assets of the company by means of targeted actions on the creation and renewal of credit channels and scrupulous, constant monitoring of the achieved results.

Facilitated finances and EU Funds

In the last few years there have been an increasing number of interventions in support of small and medium-sized companies through financial aid granted at regional, national and European level in the form of:
•    facilitated finances: public money lent to companies at a subsided rate compared to the market rate;
•    fiscal facilitations: reductions in tax on business income;
•    access to European Funding programmes – European Structural Funds.
In this sector the Firm assists the Client by keeping him constantly informed of all the initiatives, programmes and projects with facilitations that might interest the activity of the company, studying their practicability, following the matter in itinere and providing the company with assistance in preparing the action plan of the financed projects, in their initial stages, through to the planning, supervision and testing of the financed works.

Business finance and Corporate finance

The choice of a suitable strategy oriented at the evaluation and selection of the correct forms of financing represents a fundamental step in the management of company finance; likewise, corporate finance operations form the foundations of the company’s external expansion, accelerating its development process and favouring the opening of capital to third parties.
The task of the team at the Firm’s disposal is to coordinate all the activity linked to management of accountancy, finance, planning and control of the company and corporate finance, and to managing issues relating to credit concession on the part of bank credit systems and optimizing internal financial resources. Besides analysing the financial requirements and possibilities for both internal and external development of the enterprise, indicating the possible forms of financing, together with the opportunities offered by special financing, the team’s activity consists in identifying the most advantageous balance of the sources within the enterprise and the areas in which to invest, in order to achieve correct management, properly applied to both efficiency (analysis of costs/benefits) and effectiveness (analysis of input/output).
The team’s mission is to enhance the value of the enterprise, whilst assuring that the return on capital is greater than its cost, without exposing the enterprise to excessive financial risks, balancing to the best advantage the relation between its own invested capital and the total of the sources of allocated funds, so supporting excellent company administration with shrewd financial management.
The following are the main activities that make up business finance and corporate finance:
•    economic – financial restructuration through the use of equity and/or debt instruments;
•    search for the best financial partner (bank, investment fund, private equity fund, etc.);
•    distressed situation, turnaround (with temporary management), fund raising;
•    M&A and origination;
•    M&A, LBO/MBO advisory;
•    appointments of the company/branches of the company, spin-offs, JVs (research for and identification of partner as a reference point);
•    corporate assessment;
•    deal origination for institutional body clients;
Equity Capital Market & Debt Capital Market advisory. IPO, private placement, private equity, equity and debt capital markets.