Engineering Area

Cybersecurity governance

New EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has radically changed the normative framework on the topic. Specific obligations are imposed on companies that collect, record, consult or use personal data relating to workers, customers or subjects belonging to the reference market, in terms of document production, procedures and general organization.

The Firm offers professional assistance in evaluating the company's organizational structure and processes, as well as data protection criteria adopted by information systems, defining the steps towards improvement and total compliance to EU regulations, besides a complete protection of the company's information asset. Specific assistance is provided in record of processing activities and privacy impact assessments.

The Firm's professionals are qualified for the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Health and Safety at work

The Firms supports companies in evaluating all risks connected to their working processes, giving assistance to employers and managers in designing and implementing technical and organizational measures aimed at improving safety levels at work.

Specific assistance is provided in compiling mandatory documents according to legislative decree 81/2008, such as:

• Risk Assessment Document (D.V.R.);
• Emergency and Evacuation Plan;
• Specific Risk Assessment;
• Interference Risk Assessment Document (D.U.V.R.I.);
• Operating Safety Plan (P.O.S.).

The Firm's professionals are qualified for the role of Prevention and Protection Service Officer (R.S.P.P.) and support employers in managing prevention and protection systems, collaborating with medical doctor in organizing health surveillance at work.