The Firm provides assistance and consultation in the energy sector, distinguishing itself in particular for the multidisciplinary aspects of the pertinent professional, services which are offered and considered essential for the required many-sided knowledge of the sector.
The Firm’s business unit is made up of professionals with specific competences and is organized into areas of competence (the main departments are M&A, administrative/environmental law, business forfeit, white-collar crimes, litigation and tax).
The complete integration between the departments, as well as punctual and timely answers for the client represent the Firm’s main strongpoint which has guaranteed its positioning in the market of renewable energy. The Firm assists those operating in the different segments of the energy sector (production, generation, storage, re-gasification, transportation or transformation, distribution and trading) to reach solutions in their respective and particular needs linked to the energy market, to the relevant regulation and the administrative and civil cases linked to this.
The Firm is present with its clients during negotiations and during preparation of commercial and financial contracts, assisting the client also in joint venture operations and development of productive capabilities.


  • EPC Contract;
  • O&M Contract;
  • land contract (DDS, long-distance power line easement, expropriations, etc.);
  • management services contract.

Energy M&A

  • Acquisitions;
  • consolidations;
  • asset trading.

Energy investments management

  • Greenfield investments;
  • business and financial plan;
  • finance engineeering: project finance, project leasing, vendor finance, vendor loan;
  • IPO;
  • private equity, venture capital;
  • fund raising.

Strategy and business development

  • Startup and restructuring;
  • energy diversification;
  • projects development;
  • permits development;
  • due diligence;
  • joint venture;
  • bidding office: preparation of biddings on behalf of third party clients;
  • internazionalisation.

Energy consulting

  • Legal advice;
  • energy audit;
  • practicability studies;
  • consultancy and litigation GSE, ENEL, TERNA, AEEG.