Criminal Area

Corporate, bankruptcy and fiscal crimes
Responsibility of institutions for actions perpetrated by administrators and employees
Crimes against public administration and administration of justice
Environmental crimes
Crimes concerning professional offences
Crimes concerning regulations of accident prevention and workplace safety
Crimes concerning credit and anti-money laundering regulations
Crimes against the person
Crimes concerning intellectual property, competition and privacy
Crimes concerning the building industry, town planning and landscaping


The Firm offers assistance in trials in every state and stage of judgement, both in the merits and in the legitimacy stages before the Higher Courts. During the preliminary investigation stage qualified assistance is guaranteed also through means of defensive investigations foreseen by the code of criminal procedure. To this end the Firm makes use of collaborators who are experts in the subjects in question. Particular importance is given to preventive consultancy, directed towards orienting the client through the most suitable choices in order to avoid the onset of criminal proceedings. In other words, to provide the client with the most appropriate protection in the event that criminally significant facts have happened or may happen to his prejudice. In the viewpoint of preventive protection, consultancy is given to bodies regarding the preparation, updating and implementation of the Form for crime prevention in accordance with the legislative decree 231/2001. Capability and competence in multi-disciplinary approach for each single case is a prerogative of the Firm, especially when themes of criminal relevance must be faced together with examination of subjects referring to civil, society, administrative, environmental rights etc., as well as accounting and/or fiscal evaluations.