Commercial Area

Company law

The Firm offers a professional advice service regarding the evaluation, choice and establishment of a corporate type which meets the needs of the Firm, and also assistance in extrajudicial and judicial proceedings, in the ambit of numerous matters concerning social relations (the drawing up of deeds of partnership, memorandum of association and statutes, procedure regarding entry and exclusion of partners, acceptance and pre-emption clauses, semi-partnership agreements, transfer of partnership shares and companies, with the relative evaluation of the tax profile, legal problems regarding Administration, Partners’ Assembly, Board of Auditors and Board of Directors, and also concerning all the necessary and possible phases in the life of the company, such as its establishment, merger, scission, transformation, winding-up and liquidation).
As regards, in particular, the extraordinary operations of a company (mergers, scissions and transformations), the professionals in the Firm carry out detailed work of fact-finding and evaluation, exploring the legal systems of new markets, defining the commercial, economic and financial aspects of the operation in order to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to adopt the most opportune choice.

Associative procedures law

The enterprise may run into economic and financial situations leading to associative proceedings or it may find delinquency ratios in the contractual counterparty. In the former case the opportunity to have recourse to one of such procedures shall be carefully assessed, making constant reference to the concrete facts of the case in point. In the latter case, after evaluation of a possible extrajudicial settlement, the Firm will analyse the contractual forms and the most appropriate guarantees in order to avoid potential prejudice determined by the state of insolvency of the counterparty and its possible bankruptcy, by having recourse to prescribed instruments such as action for revocation in bankruptcy.

Industrial law

Industrial law is the discipline regulating industrial inventions (patents for inventions and models, licence contracts), distinctive signs (logos and domains) and competition among companies (unfair competition). In the event of violation of fair competition between the Client and another company, the Firm will prepare the appropriate judicial action in order to inhibit any illicit use of patents, logos or models and to recover damages caused by such an action.

Entertainment Law

The Firm has developed an in-depth knowledge in the field of entertainment, particularly in the music market and in the publishing industry. With regard to the main contracts applied in the music industry, as well as the legal protection of intellectual property and rights holders (authors and composers of musical works, performing artists and performers etc.), the Firm provides all legal support through contractual, judicial and extra-judicial consultancy with a high professional qualification for the following services by way of example and not limitative:

  • record contracts;
  • record license agreements;
  • record distribution agreements;
  • recording co-production contracts;
  • publishing, co-publishing, and musical contracts;
  • artistic production contracts;
  • executive production contracts;
  • booking contracts and contracts for public performances;
  • synchronization contracts;
  • agency contracts, management, merchandising;
  • deposit of musical works;
  • registrations of authors and publishers at SIAE and subsequent fulfillment;
  • contractual violations, plagiarism, counterfeiting, illicit use of musical works or phonograms / master / phonographic recordings.
  • assistance and defense before the specialized sections of the Enterprise (already specialized sections in industrial and intellectual property) throughout Italy, which are responsible for copyright and related matters;
  • DRM (Digital Rights Management);
  • collective management of copyright and related rights management (SIAE, IMAIE, PDF, etc.);
  • fulfillment of tax and social security obligations with ENPALS.


Navigation and transport law

The Firm is equipped with a team of qualified professionals capable of assisting, in a multidisciplinary and integrated logic, leading domestic and international maritime and air navigation companies. Legal advice and assistance explores a wide range of activities, both extrajudicial and judicial, from the construction, concession and management of port and airport infrastructures, freight and passenger transport by air, rail and rubber to the administrative, civil and labour discipline of the means of transport and of land and on-board staff.

Business consultation

The Firm provides a consultancy service for development of operational programmes in order to optimize the profitability of the company, weighing the options affording tax savings and examining possible alternatives on the grounds of the economic analysis of the various choices.
Consultancy services apply to all the managerial aspects of the company:

  • company law and corporate governance;
  • contracting techniques;
  • enterprise law;
  • systems of general and industrial cost accounting.