The Firm offers specialised consultancy to businesses operating in the production and retail trade sectors, supporting the efficient management of logistic processes through the planning of tailor-made solutions aimed at cutting operating costs, increasing productivity and reducing time-to-market. Through the work coordinated by a team of professionals specialised in the implementation of operational engineering projects, the Firm proposes the formulation of operative packages which, through integrating best practices and scientific innovation, are able to offer the enterprise a sustainable competitive advantage over a long period.

Transportation network design

The Firm provides specialised support on the actual delivery of products, through the modelling of efficient transport networks able to guarantee the levels of services corresponding to the minimum configured costs as pre-established. Through the use of network planning techniques that consider temporal, dimensional, ability and compatibility nature constraints, the Firm proposes the development of analytical tools in support of useful decisions to correctly identify the referable hauling and vector means or, alternatively, the organization of a mixed network that combines the company’s own and third party transportation organization, with the establishment of optimum loads and delivery routes.

Inventory management

The service provides for the diagnosis of the efficiency status of the logistics platforms through the identification and measurement of objective indicators of performance (selectivity index, superficial and volumetric saturation coefficients, materials and goods handling potential). Furthermore, the service provides for the implementation of strategies regarding rational management of stocks (fixed point/fixed period), useful to reduce fixed assets, whilst at the same time, simplifying reorganization processes; studies the amount of expected necessary stock supplies on the basis of pre-established service levels; the study and valuation of the logics of massive stockage management and picking, aimed at reducing the average handling times of an incoming load unit and the establishment of an outgoing one; planning of algorithms determining minimum times of runs connected with each picking cycle; the application of analytical studies to provide final decision on proper size of means of handling.

Business process reengineering

The Firm offers services of analytical mapping of corporate/company processes aimed at the identification and measurement of KPI (key performance indicators) useful to give a picture of global evaluation of company performance. Working on the results of assessment activities that evaluate quantitative indicators and criticality/priority factors of a qualitative nature at the same time, reengineering projects of activities aimed at simplifying operative procedures as well as the formulation of all the specifications necessary for the planning of ERP and CRM systems, are also proposed.