Founding partners

  • Mr. Attilio Floresta

    A criminal lawyer, engaged in assisting natural and juridical persons in matters of law regarding white-collar crimes and economy. He is currently also concerned with offences regarding public administration, professional negligence, environment and town planning, industrial injury legislation and safety in the workplace. Besides legal aid in court cases, he also provides extrajudicial consultancy to public bodies for the evaluation of penological profiles connected to institutional activity. A supreme court lawyer, he is a promoting partner of the Firm.

  • Prof. Antonino Longo

    Graduated with honours at the University of Catania, he continued his studies abroad, specializing in Administrative Penal Law at the Catholic University of Tilburg (NL), in International Commercial Law at King’s College, London (UK) and Suffolk University Law School of Boston (MA – USA), and in European Private Law at Humboldt Universitaet in Berlin. Author of numerous scientific publications, he is full professor of Town Planning Law and professor of European Union Law and Labour Legislation at the University of Catania. A supreme court lawyer, he is a promoting partner of the Firm and mainly concentrates on company law, providing extraordinary and strategic operations consultancy as well as giving extrajudicial and in-court aid to companies and public bodies.

  • Mr. Massimiliano Longo

    Doctor in Commercial Law, expert Accountant and Labour Consultant, he has specialized in Administration, Finance and Management Control at ISBA (Istituto Studi Bancari) in Bologna, and the Benjamin Moore & Co. in Montvale (NJ – USA). He is a promoting partner of the Firm and works in the field of company accountancy and tax regulations, company restructuring and management of work relations of employees in companies and public bodies, to whom he provides consultation and assistance both in the stages of follow-up and in administrative, social security, insurance and tax litigation.