Administrative Area

Professional advice and contentious procedure

The Firm offers extrajudicial advice, and assistance as well as representation during legal cases to enterprises and public and private bodies in all matters concerning public or administrative law (town planning, environment, contracts and competitions on public bids, expropriation, public health, State property, public utilities and joint ventures, local bodies, electoral verdicts, public employment and public employment exams, judgements on administrative and accountancy responsibility, public waters) in all the phases of judgement before the Regional Administrative Court, the Board of Administrative Justice and the Council of State, State Audit Court, Regional Court and Higher Court of Waters.

Administration and management monitoring in Local Authority Bodies

The professional advice offered by the Firm is also addressed to Local Authorities in an extremely professional and demanding sector: administration and management control. The great experience acquired by the Firm in this sector enables the Authority to rationalise its resources, streamline its operative procedure, and equip itself with the proper management tools to enable it to optimise user services.

Total Quality Management

The realisation of Quality Systems (UNI EN ISO 9000) and Systems of Environmental Management (UNI EN ISO 14000) has become a strategic tool for those companies who intend to logically upgrade their procedures within more functional and sustainable methods. The target is to make the company more efficient with an improved competitive image on the market.